October 25th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Let's not even get started on Serpentor.

Since I am single-mindedly obsessive this way, today's strip is about Professor Snako. This strip should work him out of my system, but who knows? I've watched most episodes of Scrubs at least 30 times and counting.

(Tonight's new episode was awesome. Squee!)

Hrm. A strip about a coffee table part-swap gag fan-character? This may be one of the most indulgent Shortpacked!s yet. Well, I never claimed to be doing this comic for anyone else but myself. ...And, I suppose, for Josh Fruhlinger, who specifically requested Battle Helmet Cobra Commander appearances back at SPX.

So, hey, what else is going on in the world of Joe? I suppose I found Stalker here a while back, all by his lonesome. (The new Stalker is on the left. The older Stalker I already had is on the right.) He was the "green" version, too! Why would someone leave only him behind? It's not like he's the "yellow" version. I mean, I guess I wouldn't particularly mind the "yellow" version. "Day-glo" colors are fine by me. And hey, many collectors probably wouldn't either, since he seems to be so rare.

(It's funny how making something rare can shoot a previously-undesired variant's desirability through the roof.)

Anyway, Stalker here, greenness aside, doesn't bring me to new heights of passion or anything. He's based on the original Stalker, so he's pretty damn boring! He looks like he's wearing pajamas! (It's weird how Snake-Eyes doesn't look like he's wearing pajamas, to me, despite them sharing the same parts from the neck down...)

Joe vs Cobra Stalker from 2002, on the other hand, is pimpin'. He's fuckin' Shaft, is what he is, and he rocks. I want a 25th Anniversary version of him! He looks like he's gonna kick your ass, not tell you a bedtime story.

What we need is their mutant offspring.