October 23rd, 2007

Making ou madly with Maggie

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Shortpacked!: I'm surrounded by cartoon characters!

It's true. The acquisition of additional surface area on which to stand toys is second only to the acquisition of toys themselves. We will look at a new desk and consider first how much display space it promises. Bare walls? What a waste! More shelves can go there. The Ninja Turtles haven't been out in ages!

As my photos betray, I myself am the proud owner of a new bookcase. When Maggie moved in, 80% of my stuff was exhiled to the closets, but I've accumulated new goodies since then, and they really had to be relocated from the floor. But not from there to the closets! It is not yet time. These specific collections are ongoing, growing in worth from the accumulation of friends. What good are more Cobra troopers if the other Cobra Troopers are in storage?

My Cobra shelf in particular makes me very happy. The Cobra-themed packaging bits I salvaged from the Cobra Legions 5-pack, the stage and the banners, contribute to this happiness. It's a well-done presentation, if I may say so.

In other news, today was Maggie's birthday! We all went to Mongolian barbecue tonight to celebrate, which was tasty, and she also got some new things to take home! I ordered some ponies for her, but they hadn't arrived yet, so she had to make do with the other, non-pony present. Also, she got a giant-ass free brownie/ice cream dessert that was as big as her head. It is a good thing that Steve-o is a bottomless pit. We were all ridiculously full of stir-fry, but Steve-o's stomach leads to another dimension.

Speaking of big days, Sheldon ran its 2000th strip on Friday! Now that's a milestone.