October 22nd, 2007


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You won't believe this one! Longtime fans of Spider-Man will be shocked to learn that there's now a new evil Spider-Man, and he's black! That's right, there's a new villain in town, and his name is Venom!

Looks like someone else stole the Spider-Man suit, because this guy's wearing it! But not before replacing the classic red and blue with a new, sinister colorscheme! And what's this? What a tongue! This amazing new villain has gone the extra mile, removing a section of the suit's mask so he can bare his mouth for all to see! Why didn't Spider-Man think of that? How could he talk through that thing anyway? This is just one more reason why ol' Webhead had best watch out for our new boy Venom!

Your glory days are over, Spider-Man! Now the diabolical Venom has arrived, and he's none-too-happy! Watch out! Chalk up one more victory for the House of Ideas!