October 21st, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: The ugly stick.
Shortpacked!: Fuck-a-doodle-doo!

I was ordered to put the Death Star vs. Unicron original comic art up for auction, and, lo, I have. Bid the Hell out of it!

I mentioned yesterday that I found the majority of the remaining Spider-Man Trilogy wave, because it was true. I wouldn't lie. I was happy to complete the roster of villains, and, uh, sure, I guess I'm happy to get Spider-Man, too. I passed him up like 30 times at that new Target on Hilliard/Rome, and finally decided to pick him up after finding the other guys. (Still short a symbiote Spider-Man and Mary Jane!) Might as well, huh? Gotta build that Sandman.

So let's get his review out of the way. I assume the mold itself is recycled from an earlier line, probably Toy-Biz's Spider-Man 2 stuff. Toy Biz had made some leaps in figure articulation since the last "super-poseable" Spider-Man I owned. (Hint: It was the first one.) For example, he's got some extra jointing at the shoulders, so his arms can shrug forwards and backwards. His fingers all separately articulate at the knuckles (but not at the finger-joints, and not the thumb), and he's got joints at three separate sections along his torso.

Those damn toe joints are what I have a love-hate relationship with. He's Spider-Man, so he should be hyper-poseable, and the toes do help get him into several positions. On the other hand, they more often than not make him really unstable. He likes to plop over on his face. I have a similar problem with Doc Ock. I think the toe joints have a tendency to hinder my enjoyment rather than enhance. Rats.