October 20th, 2007


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Today Graham and I swept the town, and I found all sorts of buttloads of toys. Hooray! All I'm missing from the Spider-Man Trilogy wave now are Black Spider-Man and Mary Jane, and I found Wave 3 Joes at the Easton Kay-Bee. (I left a Red Ninja, a green Stalker, and some Wave 2 carryovers.)

So I have a good week of reviews ahead of me. Sweet!

Yesterday I mailed in an exhibitor form for Mid-Ohio-Con! So, woo, I'll be there! Dunno where my table'll be located, but I asked for "Right next to Sean McKeever," so I imagine I'll be placed as far away from him as possible. Mid-Ohio-Con is in the Columbus Convention Center the weekend after Thanksgiving, so mark your calendars! I will be there.

And so will Tom Batiuk. Hrm.