October 19th, 2007


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Joyce and Walky!: You're in trouble now!

I am reluctantly providing context for yesterday's strip. I think it's much funnier without any external knowledge, as this crazy non sequitur. On the other hand, I'd be giving up the chance to discuss Cap'n Crunch lore. So.

While at SPX, an extremely generous fan gave me a box of old Marvel Transformers comics (in excellent condition) that he'd been saving up for me. Well, hot damn. I've read the stories a million times, but it also gave me a chance to read through the page advertisements. Meatloaf, Mad Balls, Gumby and Pokey whoring themselves for Dum-Dums, Lazer Tag, House 2... these shards of pop culture form the backdrop of my childhood comic book reading.

What caught my eye this time, leafing through the issues, was Spider-Man/Cap'n Crunch crossover. The Cap'n was missing, and his ol' buddy Spider-Man has to go find him! He was suspected to be in one of four places, one of which was, uh, the Milky Way. I'm pretty damn sure those other three locations were also in the Milky Way, but let's not think too hard about it. The point is, one ad started out with a panel showing an edition of the Daily Bugle, chronicling the drippy threat of the Cap'n's eternal foes, the Soggies. In a starburst hovering over the paper, it was declared "SOGGIES MAY RULE!" (This site thankfully has already scanned it for me, saving me the trouble.)

I thought that was the most hilarious declaration ever. Soggies MAY rule? Man, have some balls, guys. Swing one way or the other. I dunno. It just sounded awkward. Vaguely newspaper-sounding, speculative, afraid of sounding too definitive... despite being in a narration box. I loved it. I was obsessed.

I started drawing on comic book backing boards, first the art of the Sogmaster seen to the left, and later the sketchy strip concept seen to the right. It had to be a strip. I had to use that phrase. No context. Just the phrase.

So I did. And then I blew it the next day by explaining it.

Way to go.