October 18th, 2007


The Man is back!

Shortpacked!: I'll explain it tomorrow.

Doc Ock and New Goblin, Marvel Legends Spider-Man Trilogy collectionToday I went back to that new Target and picked up Doctor Octopus, leaving only Normal Spider-Man behind. Doc Ock is the toy released by Toy Biz for Spider-Man 2 with some paint changes (I assume), so there's not many surprises. (I never owned the original iteration of the toy, but I played with my pal Jenni's a lot.) I gotta wonder, though, why the articulated heels? Do they serve any purpose? Are they borrowed from some other toy, or did they really think Movie Doc Ock needed to be able to bend his toes? Hrm.

He comes with those pesky glasses again, the ones that refuse to stay on. Am I gonna hafta glue these things?

New Goblin, on the other hand, feels like he needs more articulation, if only because it's hard to make him look cool riding his "sky-stick." He can either stand straight up on it or attempt to crouch, which mostly succeeds in making him limbo. See, there's this strap that runs from one of his thighs around the opposite hip, hindering the ability to bend that leg at the hip. Futility.

He also has a really tiny head in proportion to his body, especially compared to the more realistically-proportioned Doc Ock. He looks kinda ridiculous. Maybe that's an effect of the goblin serum?

Otherwise, he's a fun guy. His sword can stow on his back, and he's made of better plastic than I'm used to Marvel figures having. (These are my first Hasbro-release Marvel Legends.) I'd have posed him with the Toy Biz Spider-Man I got, but, well, his arm snapped off. Case in point.