October 17th, 2007


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Battlesuit armor Thomas Hayden ChurchA new Target opened up in town while I was away at SPX. This was very unfortunate, because by the time I got there myself, all the hot new toys were gone, including most of the Marvel Legends-scale Spider-Man Trilogy toys. They had Doc Ock, New Goblin, and normal Spider-Man left, and so I grabbed New Goblin.

The wave's build-a-figure is a swirling, sandy Sandman, and New Goblin comes with Sandman's noggin.

It is a hilarious noggin.

He's, like, either belching, or moaning in considerable pain.

What? Ponies?! This is a manly blog!


Like most people hitting their quarter-life crisisI have sought solace in the 80s. Which is why, after David's strip last week, I suddenly felt compelled to check out My Little Ponies again. "I'm just curious," I told myself. "I just want to know what's differe ... holy shit, ponies come in sparkly orange now? They have bunny ears!?11!??"

Now, sorry to burst the bubble of the purists out there, but I was THRILLED. The more I browsed Hasbro.com, the more my inner-eight year old screamed for PRETTY PINK PRANCING PONIES PLEASE.

"Haha," I laughed at my inner eight year old. "It's just a phase. You'll forget by tomorrow."

I was in Target by eight that night.

"Now, don't go overboard," I chided myself. "They're only $5, but you should just get one."

I glanced at Fun Fairy. She was nice, but not exactly the colors that I liked. Butterpop, with her rich magenta and yellow hues, was more my style ... I read her bio: born in September, favorite color yellow ... favorite flower buttercup. Pretty standard. Just for good measure I read Fun Fairy's too. Born in October (I was born in October!). Favorite candy is candy corn (MY favorite candy is candy corn!!) THIS WAS MEANT TO BE.

I walked out with both of them ... and discovered on the packaging insert that there was a Wisteria pony - my favorite flower. Three time's the curse, or the charm, and here I am two days later with three new toys and clearly not enough shelf space. I'm screwed.

As for the toys themselves, I like them even more than the older ponies I had as a kid. Their heads turn now, and Wisteria and Butterpop have a lovely sparkly sheen in their purple and pink plastic.

I love the way that Wisteria's flowers go all the way down her leg - I really prefer it when the pony designs push traditional limits - the ponies with gradients and interesting colors (like orange!) really make me happy.

Butterpop has a nice popcorn scent that is inside her ... it's quite strong if you give her a squeeze. It's a strange combo with the plastic smell, but cool nonetheless. She comes with a cute pink soda cup to wear on her leg. She's also different from the other ponies in that she has hoof outlines lightly molded into her legs. A departure from pony norm, but really interesting. I'd like to see a line with molded and painted hooves as a temporary change.

Fun Fairy is cute with her pink wings, but it's too bad my twin has such an uninspired name. I think I'll call her Gay Galloper.

Strangely enough, none of them came with brushes! I don't know what to do. How will I take care of them? ... to that end, can I wash their hair? It came out of the box all kinky and unkempt - particularly their tails. How can I fix it? ... I have so much to learn about caring for my new found friends. Help?