October 16th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: Michael Bay enjoys sunsets, walks on the beach. But mostly sunsets.

It's Transformers movie DVD day, and so we have a nice Transformers movie comic! Hooray!

So I want the Transformers Beginnings DVD, despite it being just an animatic of IDW's movie prequel comic, but it comes with the non-special-edition version of the movie. Well, shit! What to do?

Because I am a total whore, I buy two versions, apparently. I decided to ditch the Target exclusive version, which has another prequel comic (available online for free) and an incredibly tacky transforming DVD case, for the Best Buy exclusive version. That one comes with Robot Heroes Cliffjumper and Battle-Damage Optimus Prime, seen to the left (in the middle, flanked by the original mass-retail uses of their molds). Available free with purchase was a "collectible lithograph," which appeared to be some old leaked model sheets of Megatron taken from online, stretched horribly, and printed on cardboard. Yikes. Glad that was free.

Cliffjumper is really vibrant, and I was drawn to him immediately. He also has quite a few more paint applications than Bumblebee, which this photo of them from the back showcases. Prime has a few more, too, though those are dedicated to pockmarking him with scrapes and whatnot. I wish there were a battle-damaged Megatron to accompany him.

I haven't watched much of the special features so far; Maggie and I have been gone for much of the last week, and we need to catch up on all the television Steve-o recorded for us. I did watch most of the Michael Bay director commentary while drawing today's strip, and damn, he is a cocky jackhole. I'm not trying to knock him. He's just a cocky jackhole. Sorta like a Superjock. I mean, I knew this already, but it's really evident when he's talking all by himself in front of his work. It's a good thing he makes entertaining movies, or I probably wouldn't like him.

I also managed to watch the Beginnings DVD I paid $20 for. (I'll try to sell the single-disced version of the movie it came with to Half-Price Books tomorrow or something.) It's really goofy. It starts out okay, but it couples the prequel comic's increasingly meandering tone with increasingly inane voiceacting. After the story leaves the focus on Bumblebee, Prime, and Megatron (voiced by Frank Welker for some reason, though that reason may be hilarity, given the dialog he has to work with), the production really goes downhill. I'm glad I own it, regardless. I like knowing what Blackout sounds like.