October 15th, 2007


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Tony Esteves (Cigarro & Cerveja) and I totally hooked up and swapped books at SPX this weekend. Mike left him a message about his mom in his copy of the Shortpacked! book, and Cigarro had one for mine in return! Such love!

I almost got into trouble a few times while signing books. The Shortpacked! book's dedication is to Your Mom, and it clarifies quickly that she is a prostitute. When I sign books, I tend to sketch Mike on the page and then attribute the dedication to him in a word balloon. The peeps seem to enjoy it, but I hit a snag when I was sending out a sketch edition to my Aunt Jan. My poor Grandmother! And one fan sent his mom to SPX to pick up his book. That one required a stealth signing.


Small Press Expo is probably the smallest con I've been to, though there may have been some earlier BotCons that were of comparable size. And yet despite its size, every single attendee there is wanting to fork over cash to cartoonists. Nobody's there just to scope out Battlestar Galactica or see Lou Ferrigno for the 30th time. They were just there for me! So I sold buttloads of books to this concentrated audience. It was a unique experience.

(Though I felt a little left out the first day, realizing I had no photocopied minicomics. Oh no, my indie cred! Early the next morning I skipped off to Kinko's, printed out some copies of my 24 Hour Comic, bound them by rubber band, and sold them at a loss. Phew! That was a close one.)

Awesome people I did seen:
Akilika (Forum gal fanartist I hadn't met before.)
Aaron Diaz (Dresden Codak)
That Dueling Analogs Guy
Josh Fruhlinger (Comics Curmudgeon, links to his SPX writeup)
David Malki (Wondermark)
Gary Tyrrell (Fleen contributer, links to his SPX article)
Clay Yount (Rob and Elliot)
Xavier Xerxes (Comixtalk/Comixpedia)
And buttloads of others too numerous to count!

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Quick updates:

All-new Ugly Hill returns after a short "Just had a baby!" hiatus. Hooray!

Transformers comes out on DVD tomorrow. Which version from which store should you get? Tformers has a handy guide. (I still don't really know. I want the Wal-mart exclusive, but it comes packaged with the unawesome unspecial release.)

At SPX, I apparently told Ted Rall where to stuff it.

Maggie went skydiving last week, and has video! If you're on Facebook and got her friended, you should totally go watch it. It's eXtreme!

We're going to see Polyphonic Spree in concert tonight! It's gonna be awesome.