October 7th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Quick! Need a scapegoat for my immediate disappointment!
Shortpacked!: Analysis is overrated.

The Autobot redeco of Booster X10, the Decepticon MP3 player/Bluetooth earpiece, was named Night Beat 7. Hasbro likes to remind me that they still own the trademark while adhering it to random other guys. They could make a new version of the original Nightbeat! But they won't.


Night Beat 7 is, however, still a detective, according to his packaging bio. It's a nice acknowledgment, or a consolation prize, or what-have-you, and his colors are amazingly pretty, so I got him. He's great-looking, and in these colors he looks more like an actual MP3 player, as well. His legs are a lot looser than Booster's, making him a little difficult to keep standing up -- and Graham says his Night Beat 7's legs are looser, too, so that may be a widespread thing.

(Tangentially, as you can probably tell in the photo above, my original Nightbeat has yellowed quite a bit over the ages. See, this photo is of my Nightbeat several years ago. Yikes.)

Nightbeat is one of my favorite Transformers characters of all time almost entirely because of one issue of the Marvel comic, "Bird of Prey!". It's a great issue. It is the first few panels from this issue that I redrew and altered for today's strip. You can see one of the original, unaltered panels to the right. Geoff Senior, the artist for that issue, was one of my early artistic influences. I've Timmed up since then, but I can still see traces.

This weekend I also picked up the Cobra Legions set and Star Wars Transformers Death Star! Both make me so happy. Look for talkings about them soon.

Small Press Expo is this weekend in North Bethesda, Maryland! In addition to myself, also in attendance will be Blank Label Comics folks Howard Tayler, Dave Kellett, Brad Guigar, and Kris Straub! We are a bundle. Stop on by!