October 5th, 2007


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Joyce and Walky!: And thus completes the trilogy!

Someone was a jerk!

So I was searching Toys "R" Us the other day for the Cobra Legions Battle Pack (It plays the G.I. Joe movie opening!) when I stumbled across the mother of all toy-swaps-and-returns. Someone bought this 25th Anniversary Joe 5-pack, replaced everyone with older toys, and then returned it for a full refund. Dastardly!

The fun part is that all of the characters were swapped out for themselves; a Duke for a Duke, a Scarlett for a Scarlett, etc. Even the new stands were left in, and most of the weaponry.

For the record, here's what the new toys were replaced with:

I came back today and took a photo of it, then alerted the store's staff. They weren't too happy. And why shouldn't they be? They were ripped off.