October 2nd, 2007


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As of 12:33 AM local time, Detonation Films is the top bidder on Shortpacked!'s Project Wonderful skyscraper ad. Why is this notable? Detonation Films is run by none other than Bob Forward, the co-story editor on Beast Wars.

Beast Wars is, hands down, the best Transformers ever, and he's mostly to blame.

You can also blame him for the existence of Shortpacked! itself. I would never have gotten into toy collecting in college if not for the characters and stories he and Larry DiTillio created, and so I can't imagine I'd be doing a comic strip about toy collecting ten years later without the influence of that show.

So, really, if you like Shortpacked!, you should click through the ad or the link here in the blog. (And maybe click that Paypal donation button!) We owe it to him! Without Bob Forward, we would not be here together today.

(I recommend checking out Agent 12, a short film he created with his son. Because, you know, it's awesome.)
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Shortpacked!: It certainly wasn't melted.

Dropkick!A few days ago, I picked up Dropkick. He's based on one of the drone types in the Transformers movie video game, and despite not picking up any of the other three drone types which were released as toys, I got him. Why? Because he's overwhelmingly awesome.

Because, dude, how many Transformers pickup trucks have removable bed covers that reveal an actual truck bed underneath instead of robot junk? Zero, that's how many! None! He's that special.

He's also got those awesome goat legs, which gives him a real dynamic, organic look, arm-mounted guns (sculpted under his two-digit clawed hands), a windshield that splits in two to create his chest, the largest scaled-to-toy faction logo ever, and a fun, intuitive-yet-complex transformation. And, hey, his truck bed cover can reveal a large articulated claw, which he can hold. The claw can even deploy while in vehicle mode, via a spring-loaded hinge over his fender.

Seriously, he's great.

Buy three.