October 1st, 2007


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Storytime's over, so we're back to our usual M-W-F update schedule. Phew! This'll give my fingers and my brain a well-needed rest.

I found wave 3 of Target's exclusive Movie Scouts, so I picked up Elita-One. She's the pink and silver one three girls over.

This is the first transforming toy we've ever gotten named Elita-One, after Prime's girlfriend from the cartoon. Ironically, she's not decoed to resemble Elita One at all, but instead her robot mode's pink/silver patterns match the details of Generation 1 Arcee. Of course, they couldn't name her Arcee because the first wave of Movie Scouts did this mold in blue and called that Arcee. Hrgh.

So I bought this toy to amuse myself. I have four girls photographed, and I've renamed every single one of them because they resemble someone else better. Left to right, we have Chromia (Movie Arcee), Firestar (Timelines Flareup), Arcee (Movie Elita-One), and Moonracer (Timelines Chromia).

Like I said, only to amuse myself.

The rest of you may carry on!