September 26th, 2007

Aww man!

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Shortpacked!: Thank God, we've all been spared.

For Christmas 1988, I got Powermaster Optimus Prime. Oh man, was I the happiest boy in the world. I'd never had an Optimus Prime before, and my plots to make myself one out of other toys had consistently failed me. For example, if you take red and blue washable Crayola markers to Ultra Magnus' white cab, you get a very pink and baby blue Easter Prime. Also, by then I had started to only pick out Transformers toys that were red and blue to help fill the Prime-sized hole in my life -- this is how I ended up with both Crosshairs and Cloudburst.

But on that Christmas, finally, I had a real Optimus Prime. If we're not discounting the strength of my own nostalgia, Powermaster Prime is by far the best Optimus Prime ever made. I mean, c'mon, he's the one that I had. When I was a kid. That's some empirical evidence right there, bucko.

Of course, the one pictured in the catalog had a painted face, so, as a child, looking at my paintless toy, I figgered that paint was dropped before release. There's all sorts of differences between the catalog photos and the actual-released items! And then I started going to BotCons. And, uh, hey, everyone else's Optimus Prime also has paint. Well, it must have been a running change to save costs.

But no. My Powermaster Optimus Prime is apparently the only one that doesn't have a painted face. Just mine. There is no evidence to support that there is any other Powermaster Optimus Prime without face paint anywhere. Mine is a one-off error. It's defective.


My childhood raped my childhood!