September 24th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: It's like she's unwittingly talking about both of them at the same time.

Beachhead, who also featured in this week's TNI strip, is another figure in the second wave of 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe. I can't determine the source of my fondness for Beachhead. It's possible that he was merely a high-profile character in his release year, 1986, which is probably the height of my paying attention to G.I. Joe. It's also possible it's because he wears a green sock on his head.

You'd think I'd learn my lesson, because my first Beachhead, the Joe vs Cobra version from 2002, had a really bum leg. I think it liked to bend sideways, if I recall correctly. My fondness for him probably should have died there.

But no, it survived, and I am now the proud owner of a non-disastrous Beachhead. I do miss the giant-ass gloves and rolled-up sleeves of the 2002 version, but the 25th Anniversary Beachhead makes up for it with his crossbow which can hook into the rear of his backpack. And like most of this series of Joes, he's also got a holsterable handgun.

And, of course, he still has the green sock over his head.

Behold! A new art auction for the week!

Shortpacked! Super Awesome Auctions XTREEEM

David Willis is celebrating his tenth anniversary of drawing webcomics drawing two characters about to have sex, and so he's auctioning the strip that published on September 21, 2007! Featuring a very sexy mistake, this 10"x15" image was rendered on 14"x17" art paper with blue pencil and marker pens. Suitable for framing, the page will arrive on your doorstep rolled up in a sexy mailing tube!

Sexity sexity sex sex sex.

The first 15 of the sold-out "Ten Years" print are in the mail, and I'm also still working on sending out Shortpacked! Extras. Phew! I need more hands...