September 23rd, 2007

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Shortpacked!@TNI: Inbreeding, perhaps.
Shortpacked!: Throw James Bond into that mash-up and watch the universe explode.

I've never owned a Lady Jaye before. The original toy looks like Corky from "Life Goes On.", and the 2003 version looks like Michael Jackson, so my reason for not owning a Lady Jaye is not a huge mystery. The original body has been released with a retooled head, which does fix the largest problem with the original sculpt, but it still leaves something to be desired.

That something is this new Lady Jaye, which is fantastic. No longer resembling a soggy beanbag, her 25th anniversary sculpt come to life and looks like a girl. And, hey, remember the cleavage she had in her original filecard art? Well, hot damn, her toy's got it now. It's hard to look away from.

...Which is a little unnerving, because I'm essentially lusting after Rosie the Riveter.

Lady Jaye comes with a stand, her trademark javelin launcher, and a handgun that can holster on her belt. Unlike the other two 25th Anniversary females, she has double-jointed knees and sensible footwear, though no wrist articulation. Otherwise, she comes with the full compliment of 25th-Anniversary articulation. She also comes with what I assume is a backpack, which I somehow managed to squeeze down her arms and onto her back. Hrgh.

As this week's Toy News International strip attests, Lady Jaye is the mother of Transformers character Marissa Faireborn. (Faireborn being the last name of her boy toy Flint, seen with her in the photo above.) Now that I have toys of both the parents, I'm a little tempted to get the only figure of their nasty spawn to complete the family. What an odd family portrait that'd be.

Last night we saw Transformers on IMAX (here in Columbus, thankfully), which was a blast. Other than getting to see the announced 2 minutes total of new footage, all of which involved short moments with the human characters, we also got to hear the excited exclamations of the young boy behind us.

Bumblebee drives onto Bolivia's lot: "LOOK A TRANSFORMER CAR!"
Frenzy shows up: "MOM THAT'S A TRANSFORMER!"
The protoforms enter the atmosphere: "THAT'S MORE TRANSFORMERS!"

And, my favorite...


I am absolutely dead serious.

I want to capture that moment in a bottle.