September 21st, 2007


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Joyce and Walky!: Girls are so cruel.

I found wave 2 of 25th Anniversary G.I. Joes at Wal-mart today. (For you Columbus peeps, I found buttloads at the Stringtown Rd location and some more at Georgesville.) I picked up all of them, plus three Cobra Troopers to fill out my Cobra ranks.

Already having obtained two Cobra Officers (single-carded) and one Cobra Trooper (from the five-pack), I had decided beforehand that I wanted four Troopers and two Officers. Whee, now I'm complete!

This week I finally accomplished one of my long-term goals, which is reaching a consistent 30,000 readers visiting per day. My readership level is always slowly increasing, but my 10th Anniversary spike in visitors combined with the ongoing story has accelerated the climb. I've spiked over that number before on single days, due to one thing or another, but it's never been the status quo. Sweet!