September 17th, 2007


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Shortpacked! And the original logo, for authenticity.

This weekend, I used some downtime to paint more black areas in Movie Megatron's cracks. Here's a photo of him fresh out of the box, untouched, though the different lighting makes it look like I darkened the whole thing -- I have not. He's still mostly that light gray.

I intentionally didn't cover up a lot of his blue and the transparent reds. I like the hint of color! I just wanted more of his detail brought out.

Scary-Go-Round, Questionable Content, Dinosaur Comics, and potentially others I have not discovered are all running Ryan Estrada guest strips today. Shortpacked! is not! I feel I am doomed to an Estrada-less existence for the rest of my days. If you can call such a thing an "existence."

I call it "sadness."

My Tenth Anniversary Art Auction persists. Give it your moolahs! All proceeds go to benefit The Homeless. And you know how I feel about The Homeless. They're human beings, and they have no homes.

(Just joshin' ya. All proceeds go to me.)