September 13th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: There's your Furman ellipses.

I tried to avoid them, I really did, but I'd drawn myself too little room for the rest of his word balloon. Oh well.

For a long while we've been meaning to ask if our apartment, which generally doesn't allow pets, would let us have a hamster or something, and at Maggie's urgent insistence, I finally put forth our inquiry. And, woo, we can! When she returns from her visit to her parents, hamster shopping we will go.

The video above is one I took on my camera a year or two ago when Maggie, Steve-o, and I were visiting a pet store. The fun thing is, you can do this over and over. The hamsters will keep on doing it eternally. Amusing lil' buggers.

Graham suggested I name our impending pet "Ultra Hamster." Maggie tentatively agreed, on the condition that a fashion a tiny pair of wings to put on him. We don't even have the thing yet, and already the abuse is planned.

Crazy Transformers news:

1) We're getting Transformers Movie "Battle Packs" with little human dudes. First of all, hot fuckin' damn! But second, at Hell's heart I stab at thee, Hasbro! I already have all these toys. Looks like if I'm going to own Fig and Donnelly, I'm gonna have to rebuy some stuff I already got. As M Sipher put it, this must be what it's like to be a Star Wars collector.

2) In 2004, 3H Enterprises lost the license to hold the official Transformers convention before they could release the end to many of their years-long story threads. Shortly after the current license holder, Fun Publications, announced they'd release a text story to finish the whole thing, the original script to Wreckers #4 has been "leaked" by the ol' 3H folks. Huzzah! I haven't read it yet, so I hope it tells us how Devcon became a total asshole between G1 and Beast Machines.

3) Transformers is coming to IMAX this month in select areas, with anywhere between 2-5 minutes of new footage, depending on who you ask. Sweet! Of course, the nearest place to Columbus that's showing it is Cincinnati... Dammit.