September 12th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: The list of sins increases. Fun for all!

I broke down and bought Rescue Ratchet this morning, after passing him up twice. I already have a Movie Ratchet which I adore, meaning I don't need a pretty senseless redeco of him in G1 colors for no reason, but still Rescue Ratchet called to me. First of all, he's Ratchet, a character I love, and secondly, he's one of the best toy molds from the Movie toyline.

But most importantly, he's got the red helmet. Specifically, he's the Marvel Comics color scheme, versus the cartoon's. I can't really pass up the opportunity to support that idea, especially since it was sort of my doing in the first place. You see, my desire for Marvel Comics Ratchet is so large it can be seen from space.

Since it was such a beautiful day out, I took photos of Rescue Ratchet outside. The red is much less obnoxious than I was afraid it would be. It's just dark enough and unsaturated enough to not look absolutely ridiculous on the mold. The gunmetal, blacks, and small hints of blues work together with the expanses of white and red to make a really attractive little dude.

I will do some paint touch-ups on him shortly, and if I decide I no longer desire him, I will sell him on eBay. That is basically what I told myself to allow myself to buy him. He's pretty damn redundant, character-wise. I already have a Movie Ratchet who already looks way more like Movie Ratchet, after all.

Maggie is visiting her parents this week, so Graham and I hit Fazoli's after dropping her off at the airport. Graham was shocked to discover that, after probably half a decade, if not more, Fazoli's had finally changed the backlit display at the top of their soft drink dispensers. In other words, Fazoli's Kid is gone. His smug face that you want to beat in with a fucking baseball bat has been replaced with some largely inoffensive faceless pasta images.

It's sort of sad. I named Faz after him, for obvious reasons. It's the end of an era.