September 10th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Flashing back to a pre-Drama Tag world.

Holy moly. As of fifteen minutes ago, we sold out of all 20 Ten Tatty Years limited prints. That's in fewer than 24 hours, man! Well, screw.

Aw, hell, let's extend it to 30. I clearly underestimated demand. That means there's just ten more left, folks, and that's all I'm extending it! We don't want any false sense of security building. ;)

Thanks for everyone who emailed me congratulations and posted hurrahs on my Facebook page. I appreciated your warm words! It is like my birthday.

There are 20 hours left on Maggie's Movie Ratchet custom auction. It's currently at $102, which is pretty impressive, but I bet we can do better. (It was the boobs, wasn't it?)

A few of you may know, since I freely divulge any sort of information for attention, that I am allergic to bananas. Or so it is believed. I ate bananas for most of my young life, and adored them. They were the best fruit. Ever. But in high school, they suddenly started to irritate my throat. Well, being in a family full of extensive allergies, from which I personally emerged mostly unscathed, it was determined that I must be allergic to them, and so should stop eating them so I don't get my throat all swelled up and deady.

I've gone over ten years without bananas. It's been tough. I love them, and every time I see the flavor advertised, I am always immediately saddened when it almost always mentions "natural flavors." But no! This madness will stop. Am I really allergic to bananas, or was that a temporary fluke?

Well, yesterday I set out and ate myself some bananas. I figgered, hey, if I die, it'll be on the strip's tenth anniversary, which is kind of cool. And if I don't die, then I'll just be angry for having missed bananas for over a third of my life.

I am angry.

And I am going to spend the next several weeks eating every banana product I can find.