September 8th, 2007


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During the strict Monday-Wednesday-Friday regimen of Shortpacked!'s first year, 2005 didn't have much in the way of extensive storylines. I felt the schedule was too sparse for even moderately complex storytelling, so plots rarely lasted more than two weeks, or six installments. Despite this handicap, one of my favorites from that year is "Mrs. Greg Killmaster".

It has partly to do with eventually getting in contact with the real Greg Killmaster, who does in fact do visual effects for ILM. Lately, he's penned the adorably insane Foreword to Shortpacked! Brings Back the Eighties. Seriously, he's nuts!

Yesterday, I finished a Tenth Anniversary limited print to go up on sale Sunday night. It rocks! I'm surprised how many characters I could pack into it, and yet there's dozens that were still left out. Additionally, look for a special Tenth Anniversary comic on that night.