September 5th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Her hair lost lumps as she aged.

Today I got the first 14 Shortpacked! Extras in the mail. They're being sent Priority, so the domestic ones should be arriving in two days. Whee! I really need to buy a printer (yes, I don't have a printer) so I can streamline the mail-labelling process a little more.

Only 186 more to go!

The Shortpacked! Extras are sold out, but there are still unextra-ed Shortpacked! books remaining. Grab a copy while they're hot!

Maggie's Ratchet auction has shot up to $56 in its first day! Hot damn!

Okay, fine, so you guys tried sending me Samus/Metroid porn. A small few of you managed to actually find what we were unable to find ourselves. Mostly, we just got plain-ol' naked Samuses. Hrph. Now, here's a tougher one. Dig up some Samus/Dick Van Dyke porn, and we'll have to dub you King Of Intermanets.

I'm glad that today I get to pimp a storyline from 2002, because "Round Two" is one of my favorite sequences in It's Walky!. For years, Joyce had been portrayed as naive, immature, and just plain adorable -- the kid sister, if you will. After her mindwipe, it was Sal who became her role model. But gradually, the tables have turned, and Joyce proves she's grown up during the years past, while it's Sal who's been standing still. It's something I'd been building up to for quite a while (the Joyce/Sal rivalry is almost as old as the strip itself), and it was satisfying to see it pay off.

Plus, dude, two chicks fighting.

The storyline is called "Round Two" because there was actually a "Round One," believe it or not. It's a storyline that's only been printed in Roomies! #4, a series in the abortive Keenspot comic book series, and it chronicles their first previously-unseen meeting in the middle of Roomies!. I should put that up on the site sometime.