September 4th, 2007


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Seven 34-pound boxes full of Shortpacked! books arrived at our apartment today! After the mailman practically hoisted them all down the stairs simultaneously to our doorstep, I figgered he was owed a copy. He's always been a nice dude.

Anyway, it means I can start vandalizing, autographing, and numbering the Shortpacked! Extra! editions. Sweet! We's gettin' places now, fo' sho'!

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Shortpacked!: LOCO!!!1

Having had her fun, Maggie and I have put her Ratchet custom on eBay. She had a real blast painting this thing, and wants to do more in the future, but we need only so many Ratchets around here. And, hell, we like money.

The item listing reads:
This is a listing for Voyager class Transformers movie Ratchet, hand-painted to look more like his appearance in the movie, including battle damage!

Ratchet was customized meticulously to match photos of the Hummer rescue vehicle prop used on-set and promo renders of him in robot mode used for publicity. Sculpted details which were left unpainted on the store-buyable production piece have been brought to life! His feet, tool area, and side lights were primed with white paint to get as bright a silver in that area as possible.

Additionally, scorches and crack marks have been added to his shoulder and leg, giving him a battle-weary appearance. For the battle damage, a tiny drill was used to carve three "bullet holes" in the side, and file was used to scrape uneven radial blast damage around the area. Then it was dirtied up with a couple of dry brush passes and final highlights in gold and brown. Even unsightly screwholes have been plugged with epoxy.

Despite all these changes, the toy is still completely transformable and keeps all original articulation! Suitable for play or display!

For more photos, check out the auction!

2001's featured storyline is "Guess Who's Coming to Denver", which follows Walky as he goes to ridiculous measures to keep his Top Secret Alien-Fighting Life from his civilian friends, Danny and Billie. We also get a glimpse at the strange courtship of Walky and Dina, see Joe have sex with 30 women, and witness the melodrama as Danny and Billie hear of Joe's "death," the government cover story for his disappearance into Top Secret Alien-Fighting. Crazy hijinx and man-shoved-in-man's-crotch action abound!

That last sentence just sells it all on its own, doesn't it?