September 3rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Beer!

After playing with mine, my roommate Steve-o decided he wanted the $10 Brawl instead of the $40 one, so he was happy to discover that our local Kroger had him in their miniscule toy aisle today while we were piling up on burgers and dogs for our cookout.

He's tiny! Also, as has been reported by just about everybody, his shoulders so do not plug into his torso. Otherwise, he's a fine relatively tiny version of Brawl. I still prefer the larger one by a lot. Steve disagrees.

(My bigger Brawl is painted up a bit by me, for the record. I dirtied his tank mode with some gray and darkened some circuitry with black.)

So Graham, Maggie and I are watching Steve-o playing Metroid (as the photo attests), and somehow we get into a discussion about how there's probably countless fanarts of Samus getting screwed by Metroids. Because, hey, it's a monster thing with tentacles, and it's the Internet. I went to my computer to investigate, and I was surprised to find absolutely zero. "Samus having sex with Metroids" on Google (with SafeSearch off) gives me a few pages of normal Samus art (though often de-suiting) before degenerating into other cartoon characters having sex. The Hell, man?

Graham didn't believe me, and so he went on a hunt himself. After a much more broad search, we found ONE picture of her having sex with a Metroid, but her hair was blue for some reason. It wasn't even accurate! One teensy picture of Samus being violated by Metroids on the whole Internet, and it's barely her. Everything I thought I knew about the Internet has been shattered.

We're on our fourth day of our Tenth Anniversary retrospective, so that means I've picked out a storyline from 2000! I've decided to showcase "Puppy", where Joyce and Walky bond by choosing a pet. It's pretty simple and adorable fun.

Or so you'd think at first glance! I take shots at cats, Canadians, and even my own art style! Seriously! I'm a crazed cartoonist on the edge! You could be next!

Confidentially, I chose the storyline for this strip.