September 2nd, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: While inking this strip, I lost my marker in my own couch, no joke.
Shortpacked!: Oh, and all the Toys "R" Uses, too.

Since Transformers movie toys are sold out across the nation, Hasbro's been pumping old stock into stores while they scramble to manufacture more movie toys. A fortunate outcome of this is the return of Titaniums -- specifically the later waves which mostly hit on online stores and quickly disappeared. So I was surprised to find a Titanium War Within Sunstorm at Target the other day. I'd missed my window to buy him online, you see, and I must have Complete Sunstorm Power.

I really wish we'd get another Sunstorm that was the original's colors. I like yellow and all, but I miss the creamsicle goodness. Titanium Sunstorm doesn't give me the same urge to lick him; instead, he looks like he's poisonous. Though, uh, I guess that suits him more.

I suppose when Sunstorm gets rebuilt out of his Cybertronic form and into his Earth form, Shockwave decided he should look more tasty.

(Again, that's Sundor perched on original Sunstorm's arm. I have decided, in my personal canon, that they are a tough two-orange team.)

1999's featured storyline is "Beer Necessities", which leads into the famed "No Regrets" storyline. Back then, in webcomics, killing off a major character was considered Serious Business, and it probably put me on the map. It got me so much press that I decided I should keep on killing people. I became a mini-Simon Furman.

It's weird to think back about how nerve-wracking it was to do the whole thing. I'd planned it from the start, ever since I introduced Ruth. She was destined to die. I was even afraid to introduce her, since I knew it would lead to her inevitable demise. It was an unknown, mysterious new power I was daring to tap into. But somehow I got the year planned as a continuous arc, followed that plan, and pulled it off.

These days, I just do Batman jokes. It's kind of sad.