August 31st, 2007


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Joyce & Walky! More real stories that are marginally interesting to others.

I've been passive-aggressively eBaying for a G.I. Joe A.W.E. Striker to carry my 25th Anniversary Joes around. It's a size I wanted, and I like the look of it, but I never ended up winning one. Today, we struck out to Toys "R" Us, and I picked up an offbrand "Military Assault Buggy" from Elite Operations. It's A.W.E. Strikery, costs ten bucks, and can carry all my guys so far, plus room for more. It also comes with a motorcycle, but eh. Oh, and three offbrand army dudes. Not sure what to do with those.

Despite the 25th Anniversary Joes' relatively-restricted hip articulation and slightly larger size, they can squeeze into it pretty okay, though Gung-Ho's going to have trouble aiming his cannon with that rollbar in his face. There's no pegholes, sadly, but I can jam the figures' feet into the spaces on each side of the vehicle. The vehicle's plastic feels strange to me, and its surface is kinda chalky. I may have discovered why the set is $10, but I don't know enough about plastics to say for sure.

One of these days, I gotta superglue the components of Scarlett's crossbow together. It's getting kinda annoying.

It's September 1, which means we've got ten days until the tenth anniversary of my first Roomies! strip. (Despite what the website says, the first Roomies! strip was published on the 10th, not the 8th. It was concurrently running in the Indiana Daily Student at the time, and they accidentally skipped two strips, so I backdated the strip on the Internet to keep them running concurrently.)

Today, I thought I'd paste a link to a storyline from 1997, and each subsequent day link to a storyline from the year after. Considering Shortpacked!'s current storyline, I think "Obligatory Flashback Sequence" is appropriate enough. Instead of focusing on one event, my first webcomic flashback jumped about through the life of Danny Wilcox, showing us how he met his best friend Joe, and finally revealing Sal, his high school girlfriend.

It was a more naive, simpler time, with no accusations of pedophilia.


All you folks who pounced on my invitation of Facebook friendship, know that there is a pre-existing Facebook group dedicated to my comics called "Damn You Willis." (...I'm never going to live that photo down, am I?) Also, if you've got an IRC client, feel free to check out #shortpacked! on Don't forget the "!" at the end!