August 30th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: You should see his white unmarked van.

Maggie's custom Ratchet, and my slightly-painted Brawl and IronhideThough I dabble in paint touch-ups on my Transformers from time to time, Maggie has fully embraced the idea. We got her a Ratchet, and she's had a great time detailing him up, adding paint washes and details and the like. Also, some battle damage! Woo! She used my painted Ratchet as a template, but went so much farther with it, and with, uh, more skill. It looks amazing.

(I suck at painting.)

Brawl I've mostly dirtied up a bit in vehicle mode, and I haven't done much at all to his robot mode. But the dirtied tank mode looks great, and I'm pleased. As for his robot mode, that may have to wait until we have, well, any good publicity shots of Brawl/Devastator at all, or the DVD comes out. Brawl was completely absent from the advertising campaign, and other than a video game render or two and a small version of his concept art, there ain't nuffin'. Well, whatcha gonna do.

In actual toy news:

This Clayface is awesome. (DC Superheroes)

Yay, Polly can fit on Shipwreck's arm! (G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary)

What the Hell is this expression? (TMNT: Alien Hunters) (?!)

We're getting G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary comic packs! Including, thank Primus, General Hawk. (What, no red turtle neck?)

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