August 29th, 2007


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Shortpacked! Axelzooka STRIKE!

Today, Spotlight: Optimus Prime was... released to comic book stores. For the duration of this post I will...

...Write like Simon Furman!

Teen Titans #50 was... also released. Its new writer lives in Columbus, so he was at the Laughing Ogre all day, signing autographs. His name is...

...Sean McKeever!

Maggie did not come with us to the Ogre at first, but I returned to bring her there. She's... a big fan! You may know him as the writer of the-currently-on-haitus Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, and he has a well-developed sense of... the dramatic! Driving with Maggie back to the Ogre, I... reaped the whirlwind, and soon she was hovering over him like some vast, predatory bird. And the Snack Wrap I got from McDonald's gave me the worst case of indigestion I'd ever had--

But seriously. Someone needs to take away Furman's ellipses. It's getting pretty ... ridiculous!

What does he think he's playing at?