August 28th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: Good job, buddy!

Jin Saotome sent me Robot Heroes Bumblebee/Barricade, which arrived yesterday. Bumblebee's all right, I suppose, but Barricade is pretty damn awesome. He's probably my favorite Movie Robot Hero.

I tell ya, I can't wait for the next wave of these guys, which should probably arrive closer to Christmas. I wanna round out my movie cast and, uh, in the process get a few more versions of Bumblebee and Prime, I guess. (Though those repeated characters include masked Bumblebee carrying the Allspark and Prime with his mask down and his sword, who'll I'll probably prefer anyway.)

A while ago I touched up my Robot Heroes Ratchet, adding some black to the front of his shins and the undersides of his feet. I felt they looked a little bare, in comparison to the rest of the line, and it was an easy fix. I stopped there, though. I could paint the whole damn thing up, but I'd rather he look like he belong with the others. I. I. I. I. Man, I start a lot of sentences with I.

Probably because I have a huge ego.

On Sunday, we went to go see the local tour of Bodies, which features a bunch of torn apart plasticized Asian people. I decided to go, despite being kinda squeamish about the whole thing, but I emerged mostly unscathed. For some reason, the realization that human muscle structures look just like chicken did not make me a vegetarian; instead, I just felt vaguely hungry through portions of the exhibit. I do got one question, though -- why do they got to cut so many penises in half? That's just wrong. There should be a law, dammit.

Meanwhile, the first Shortpacked! book is beginning to ship! That's right, it's coming, folks! If you've been holding off, get in on it while supplies last!