August 27th, 2007

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Shortpacked!: Everywhere like such as.

Today was a nifty day! Jin Saotome picked me up a Robot Heroes Bumblebee/Barricade pack, which arrived today, and it is awesome. Before picking that up at the post office on my bike, I headed over to Target, where I found Leader class Brawl. I'd been waiting for the bigger version of him, passing on the Deluxe class Brawl, in anticipation of the bigger one, which should be better in scale with the Autobots. Tanks are big!

He's called Devastator in the movie. Why? Michael Bay is a fickle man.

Anyway, he's an imposing guy. The first, second, third, and probably up to fifteenth thing you'll notice is that he has electronic sounds. They will go off. If you don't want to hear a constant stream of rounds firing and explosions, you're gonna not want to touch him. Especially stay away from that turret of his. Another bother involving the turret is that the barrels like to pop off a lot. You'll be popping them back in a lot.

Nearly all of the visible non-turret parts of his tank mode gets compressed onto the back of his legs, accordion-style. The last third of the accordion is spring-loaded, which, coupled with his Alternator-esque style of juggling and negotiating multiple panels into place, makes for a not-so-fun transformation. I've only done it one time so far, though, so maybe I'll get a better hang of it on repeat tries.

Otherwise, this dude's a joy. He's got guns pointing all over the place, he's gigantic, and he doesn't look so nice. He looks like he's just smart enough to know that he wants to kill you, and he's got the brawn to back it up. It's a pretty good resemblance to his onscreen appearance, as well. (After putting together the photo to the left, I looked at some reference pics and realized that those weird gray spikes coming out of his knees should jut up, not become part of his toes. Whoops! They're stalagmites, not stalactites!)

There's some automorphing in his chest which pops his noggin out of there and he has an automorphing weapon on each forearm. A lever on his right arm pops out some barrels, and the left arm flips out blades.

Now it's time for him to throw Jazz into a building. Enjoy that arm while it lasts, Brawl-- er, Devastator.