August 25th, 2007

I'm Batman

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Joyce and Walky!: The only reason a man gets any.

The Injustice Gang!

M Sipher's box o' JLU figures he sent me included a Star Sapphire, and I found the three-pack that includes Joker (at a Big Lots) yesterday afternoon, so it was time for another Injustice Gang groupshot. All I need is a Cheetah, but since Mattel's JLU line seems to be winding down, I don't rate my chances.

Star Sapphire is as you'd expect. She's the Girl Body They Use For Absolutely Every Girl That Isn't Hawkgirl, plus a new head. She's got an evil grin, of which the execution is slightly creepy. I think she wants to eat me. I don't think altering her cheek muscles to accomodate her expression works in the DCAU style. Still, hey! Girl villain!

Getting the new Joker was a little bittersweet. See, buying my original TNBA Joker (seen to the right in the photo on the left) is what started my big DC Animated collection nearly a decade ago. I really liked that Joker sculpt. I am one of the few and proud who digs the simplified TNBA design. I bought him because it looked fantastic, and then I started getting all the other villains available in that style. And now, years later, I have two whole damn shelves full of DC Animated stuff. I'm kind of sad, replacing him.

As you can see, since Mattel's scale is a bit smaller than Hasbro's, Joker's now a little shorter than Harley Quinn. On the other hand, the sculpt on the new one is just as sharp, represents a design I like just as much, and has some personality built into his pose. It's actually Mattel's TNBA Joker from several years back but with a new head. (Amusingly, Big Lots also had that one still hanging around.)

Joker comes with a normal Batman and Prostitute Black Canary, which is normal Black Canary but with painted-on fishnets and wearing only a bra under her jacket instead of a shirt. Hot? Or diseasey? You be the judge!