August 23rd, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Yeah, I wonder why he had to take a job at retail.

A while back, my buddy M "Greg Sepelak" Sipher found me some Justice League that I was pretty damn sure I wasn't gonna find up here in Columbus. Ever. Today, it arrived, and amongst my pile of awesome was Deadshot.

I'm surprised at how much is new on him. Everything's based on the Flash body, but he's got retooled legs, arms, and a new head. It's nice, and unexpected, and I'll take it.

Now that I got Deadshot, I kinda wish there were gonna be JLU versions of Catman, Cheshire, Ragdoll Jr, Scandal Savage, and a Parademon. It would be sweet. (Slightly more realistically, I'd take Clock King, Plastique, and Captain Boomerang.)

(Jesus God, I want a Clock King, Suicide Squad or no.)

His shelfmates as seen in the photo aren't ideal. The Flash body is already pretty tiny, and he's placed in front of all my Hasbro New Batman Adventures toys, which are all scaled slightly larger. Seriously, Riddler is gonna kick his ass. And when it looks like Riddler can kick your ass, you're in huge trouble.

See how I tied that all together with today's comic? That's why I'm a writer! I can do things like that.

Be amazed.