August 22nd, 2007


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62% More Awesome

Blank Label Comics is excited to announce the release of the "62% More Awesome: The Third Sheldon Collection" by cartoonist Dave Kellett.

The collection features every single strip since the previous Sheldon collection -- "The Good, The Bad & The Pugly" -- and includes extra strips we couldn't fit in the last book! Special, awesome-sauce content includes the 'Coffee Cup Lid Challenge' strips, and an expanded version of the Saturday-only space storyline (including bonus stuff you can't read online)! This book is, indeed, 62% More Awesome.

Order one right now at the Sheldon Store. The Sheldon Comic Strip can be read daily -- for free -- via the website, RSS, and e-mail delivery.

Note from the Willis: Sheldon is the most awesome comic strip in the world.

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Shortpacked!: You wish.

I got buttloads of advice on my upcoming computer purchase in the past 24 hours, filling up my inbox, this blog, and even various other message portals. It is crazy! I will elaborate on what I have learned and what I should have made more specific in the first place.

Brought to you by your friendly neightborhood emo Spider-Man:
1) I do not game! In the past 7 years, I have owned exactly one computer game, and that was Black & White. I do not play it anymore. Gaming is not a huge priority for me.
2) I am now afraid, after some input, that Vista will not work with my beloved really, really, really old computer software. I may have to find a way to get XP on this thing. For example, I use Photoshop 5.5, and wish to continue using it.
3) My current system does have a newer motherboard, but I am unsure of what upgrading I could do to it. At the time, I purposefully got a not-super-new one that was fairly cheap because at the time I had little to no money. It may have been a lateral move.
4) I do not want a Mac.
5) I don't want to spend more than $400, if I have to. I don't have that kinda cash to drop. The $300 offer appealed to me because I could actually afford it. Once we get out of that range, I'd rather just stick it out with my current system.

Hopefully that can narrow down our discussion more! Unless you folks are tired of this and moving on, which would be understandable. I am, at any rate, not happy with my initial choice anymore, after the masses have raised their concerns. We are making progress of some sort.