August 21st, 2007


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Shortpacked!: There's that look again.

So, I've received my mad cash from this year's Comic-Con, and after some talking with Maggie and a trip to Micro Center, I've realized something.

Jesus, I need a new computer.

I've had this desktop computer since 2000. This computer is seven years old. That is hella old, and you know what? Computers are cheap. Well, relatively so. And, hey, the Tenth anniversary of me doing webcomics is coming up next month, so this can be like a big present to myself.

I can get a new one from Micro Center that's probably ten times better than my old one for less than half the old one's cost. And, as this thing's had so many parts (including a new motherboard, thanks to one incredibly generous reader) replaced over the years, I'm afraid that one day this thing's gonna die on me. And, c'mon, I don't want to wait half an hour anymore for the 600dpi layered versions of my strips to finish saving in Photoshop. That's just annoying.

I've got my eye set on this guy. It's the cheapest Micro Center has to offer, sure, but with their Back To School price of $299.99, it seems pretty damn great. And I don't need THAT much computing power. Just, you know, more than I have.

So my question is... is it okay to get this thing? Are there any horror stories about this model or brand that my few minutes of Googling didn't turn up? Is it gonna give me enough power? I stopped paying attention to processor speeds and what they meant... oh, 7 years ago. I just need to know that it's not dumb to invest in it.

In other news, my books have arrived! Liz Dean will be mailing them out for me, so start checkin' your mailboxes in a few days! (The Shortpacked! Extra editions will first be mailed to me, of course, so I can sign them and whatnot, and Maggie and I'll be mailing those out ourselves. But still!)