August 17th, 2007

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Joyce and Walky! And then I'll mail that box to myself!

When it comes to hatching ideas for Joyce and Walky! strips, having Maggie around constantly is a both a win and a lose. Sure, I get lots of material, but damn, she'll fwap me across the head if I'm too... in my words... "satirical." (In her words, "mean.")

Robot Heroes Frenzy and JazzDuring one of our many trips to get, uh, boxes, I decided to pick up another of the Movie-style Robot Heroes figures. This time, we've got Jazz and Frenzy, the first of whom has an adorable smile. The second has kind of a creepy grin. I mean, it's supposed to be adorable, but that mouth does not belong on that face, man.

And, again, Frenzy has red eyes instead of blue! Dammit! (And only two of them, instead of, what, six? Eight?)

Both articulate at the shoulders and the neck, though Frenzy's neck is limited to a much smaller rotation, as it sits at the end of his jutting neck and there is not much clearance. Jazz has his arm-shield and, again, the smirk.

I noted that I have yet to come across the Bumblebee/Barricade two-pack yet. Does anybody know if that's in a half-wave or something later, or if those two are just that popular?

Finally, in the same vein, check out this Robot Heroes concept art by artist/designer Marcelo Matere!