August 12th, 2007


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We found America!

Hello everybody! I am in Denver! Maggie and I are staying at our pal Brassydel's new house. She is like crazy hospitable. In the guest room was a jug full of water and towels laid out all nice and maybe mints on the pillows but can't recall precisely. It was a long drive. When we arrived she and her new husband-type person Brian had spaghetti waiting for us, even though it was like 10pm.

Like, dude!

She has left us just now so she can fix us pancakes and eggs.

We have decided to camp out here for a day, for driving for two days straight was more tiring than we figgered, and I have a day to spare anyway. Tomorrow we'll be driving east across I-70 to stay with more of our pals who live in Kansas City. And then, hopefully, we can make it from there to Columbus.