August 10th, 2007

Making ou madly with Maggie

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I'm going on a trip! Maggie's gonna be staying here in Columbus while she finishes work on her projects, and since those projects involve her computer and her awesome (but fragile) sculptures, we gotta DRIVE! So today I'm flying out to Oakland, where we will start driving together across the continent back to Ohio, trying to FIND AMERICA.

So that means guest strips, since it was such short notice! Toy News International's Shortpacked! strip and Joyce and Walky! should continue as normal, but there'll be a guest strip on both Monday and Wednesday. Monday's is by Nick Wright, who draws Treading Ground. He sent the strip to me a long while ago, unsolicited, out of the goodness of his heart. Wednesday's strip is by Greg Sepelak, super-official Transformers fiction writer dude. He recently wrote the Classics story, "The New World," which is free for all people to read, not just Transformers Club members.

I'm really excited about driving across the country. Hell, if you count our drive from Columbus to Rhode Island for BotCon, I'll have driven across the entire length of the continental United States! It's just something I've always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity.

I'm also excited that Maggie's going to be staying for a while. I am so excited -- pause for effect -- that I've actually taken down my wall o' Transformers and put everything away into the closets so that she'll have room to do her stuff. Holy crap! I must love her or something.

Anyway, I got a Skybus flight fairly imminent, so I'd better get to the airport! Enjoy yourselves during my absence, and I'll try to check in when I can. I'm bringing a sketchbook, so when we find America, I'll be sure to draw it for you.

Meanwhile, is going to have an art auction next month, and I've donated the original art for Monday's strip. Feast your eyes on what could be yours!