August 9th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: The (self-)persecuted majority.

Robo-JOE versus Pimp Daddy Destro!Today PIMP DADDY DESTRO arrived in the mail from Hasbro Toy Shop. At last, I feel complete.

Watch him fight Robo-J.O.E.! Watch out for that arm, Destro...

I prefer my Destro heads to be unchromed, which seemingly puts me in a strange minority of outcasts. Once you put the chrome on there, the reflections obfuscate the details of the sculpt and, since it adds a layer, unsharpens the details at the same time. That, and random chrome always looked kinda knockoffy to me.

But let's not let that overshadow the rest of this dude. He's got freakin' leopard print, man. I've wanted this figure for as long as I've known that a Pimp Daddy Destro exists. Unlike the 5-pack Destro, though, he only comes with a small handgun (which he can holster) and the chromed base. The five-pack version also came with a larger gun and a M.A.R.S. briefcase which holds another gun. I tend to lose accessories fast, so I don't really mind. Hell, it's not like he can't use the normal Destro's stuff anyway.

Now all we need are Tamox and Xamot in nothing but leopard print speedos.

Proof that Destro knows how to handle the ladies, for your viewing pleasure:

(And, yes, I have to link to this old chestnut, too, because lord knows I'll have 30 emails about it in the morning.)