August 7th, 2007


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Shortpacked!: Empowerment fantasy.

Here I've got G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Duke and Flint, the latter of whom comes as one of the first wave single-packs. I've bunched them together like so because they're mostly the same toy! Flint is a redeco of Duke with a new head, new web-gear across his torso, and different weapons. Apparently the Flint isn't much liked in some Joe collector circles, as the recycled body keeps him from having his trademark gloves. While it'd be cool if he had gloves, that's not the major problem I have with the figure.

Basically, I kinda wish this mold's elbows would bend at least 90 degrees. The range of motion seen in the photograph is as far as his arms bend. Disappointing! Also, the mid-forearm swivel is kind of unsightly, and I think it would have worked better hidden at the sleeve. Otherwise, these are fine-looking figures.

And the giant singing logo that comes with the box set, also shown, is still totally awesome. I gave one of my two to Ron yesterday when we were swapping Cobras. He stuck his up in front of his Rolling Thunder, over the ginormous canopy. It's just so, y'know, Cobra knows who's kicking their ass. And because the radio's broken.

In other news, I got the following email this evening from a dude named Brad:
Yeah, I'm sure you get just as many people wanting to know who Batman
is whenever you're busy pulling that tag, but you've left us hanging
since June 27th without filling our need for some good quality drama.
It's almost as if you revel in the fact that you're Mr. Fancy Pants
cartoonist who can fly around the country going to con after con, all
the while deducting your expenses from your tax returns because it's a
"business trip!"

Man, I wish I were so lucky. Instead, the only business trip I ever
get is the Adult Video News awards or jetting off to some exotic
island filming location. I tell ya, being a pornography mogul isn't
all it's cracked up to be. I sure wish I didn't have to worry about
hawtsome women wanting to have lots of casual sex and could just sit
at home playing with my toys and drawing the funnies or run off to San
Diego to stand in line for hours to meet a former professional

So please, stop rubbing it in, man. It hurts, you know? Porno
producers are people, too!

Don't worry, Brad! We'll have drama soon! It all depends on how carried away I get with the current plot thread, and how much I want to develop it. Super big awesome things are about to happen in my personal life, too, so I'm afraid of committing to a long-term, busier five-day schedule until I'm sure I can follow through. But more on that later!

But rest assured. We will find out about Ethan and Amber. Yes. Yes we will. And, uh, it will be told in the form of Batman jokes. Yeah, that's the ticket.