August 3rd, 2007


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Joyce and Walky! Mrs. Billingsworth is a living Your Mom joke.

Oog. Today I crashed. Too much going on like I wasn't sick, not enough unconsciousness.

But not before I got to the two-minutes-away-by-bike Lennox Center Target this morning. Joes! The shipment had been picked clean before I got there, with only one Cobra 5-pack and a handful of carded guys left, but they had everything left that I needed anyhow. (Weird that the Cobra set was the only thing remaining. It's shortpacked! Guess two people wanted the Joe set and not the bad guys.)

Just like the Joe 5-pack, the Cobra set comes with the same singing G.I. Joe logo, down to the same song and everything. Damn! But thanks be to Cheese, it has been reported that the second Cobra boxset will have a Cobra logo that plays the opening to the movie theme. HOT DAMN. I was sort of waffling on whether to get that one, but this makes it a must-buy. I just want a Cobra box that plays "CRASHING THROUGH THE SKY COMES A FEARFUL CRY." That is a $25 value right there.

Pictured are battle-masked Cobra Commander (who comes in the 5-pack) and hooded Cobra Commander (who I've had for a small while). They're the same, except for the retooled heads, of course, and the colors. What's neat about the battle-masked one is that if you pull off his helmet (eeek! bald!) you'll notice Hasbro has sculpted into the back of his faceplate the little bombs that go off when you try to remove it, as shown in Marvel Comics' G.I. Joe #24.

I'm not a big helmeted Cobra Commander fan, so I'm gonna be swapping this dude with a Cobra Officer Ron picked up for me this morning next time I see him. He does look kinda pretty, though. And the small Marvel Comics ref tickles me.