August 2nd, 2007


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As I sit here drawing tonight's strip while I suffer from some annoying fever-and-congestion deal I picked up over the convention weekend, I do not question why the History Channel is showing naked showgirl boobies, but do not ask questions, lest I spoil a good thing.

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Shortpacked!: Swiper, no swiping! Oh man!

Roadblock -- a picture of calmTonight's strip is based on a true story. Yikes! Those Chinese factories sure like to make stuff out of lead. Hrm.

*licks Shortpacked! book proof*

Uh oh.

Man, I'm sick. No, not because of licking my Book O' Lead, but because I guess for normal reasons, like touching hundreds of people, exerting myself for a week, and then never getting any sleep. And here I thought I was Superman. Well, okay, I sort of do, since I keep trying to pretend like I'm not sick, and going on about my day as normal, but we have to keep in mind that I'm retarded.

You can clearly see the effects of my illness on my work. God damn, today's strip is sloppy. I am shamed.

So I went out and got myself a G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary boxed set. My pal Ron said that the comic shop near his work in Hilliard had one left, and I figgered picking it up, despite its comic book shop price, would save me money in the long run, as even in my delirious state, I would drive futilely to every store in the Columbus area. And so, you know, gas. Gas.

I was not expecting the giant G.I. Joe logo that plays an abortive version of the original cartoon theme. I sort of knew the packaging played the music, because Ron told me it did, but I thought maybe there was a chip embedded in it, like space-age technology, and not a giant singing plastic box of a logo. I need to get more guys, a jet and a tank and make everyone Hitler salute yell "Booyah!.

Contrary to pictorial evidence on the Internet, my Roadblock's face is not 100% pleasant. His mouth still is a subtle smile, but the eyebrows are more angry than I remember. He won't be haunting my dreams any time soon.

Which is a little disappointing, but I'm weird.

During my disease-farming in San Diego, a guest strip by me ran at Questionable Content. Amazingly, I managed to talk about Straxus and not do an awesome strip about Faye's father's hilarious suicide. The allure of The Ass was much too strong. Also, Straxus.