August 1st, 2007


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Shortpacked!: We need another Spielberg infusion, stat!

The venerable Jin Saotome is the owner of the original art for today's spoileriffic strip. He stopped by my booth at Comic-Con and we totally shot the breeze.

I am, at last, home. My flight out of Oakland was delayed an hour, which was almost of no consequence, except that the remaining time I had left was squandered sitting aboard the damn plane waiting them to open the door so we could... get in a bus to drive us all the way across LAX because they parked us on the other side of the planet. And, of course, because this was LAX, I had to leave the terminal and go through security all over again to get into the right terminal, with five minutes to spare. I was a crazed man, and I may have become a murderer in the passion of the moment. I cannot tell you. It was all a blur.

After arriving in Columbus at 6am, I was more than pleased to discover that Steve's car had a dead battery. Hooray! The lights were not left on. No, after getting a jump from the airport security folks, the culprit was the seatbelt that had wedged the rear right door partly ajar for a week and a day, draining the battery via the inside light.


Well, at least this year's Comic-Con was not a boring venture, at any rate. Here's hoping for some pleasingly exciting happenings at Small Press Expo in October!