July 28th, 2007


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Shortpacked!@SDCC07: In the future, I will probably look on this from-memory art of Movie Ratchet in shame.


He is full of love and spunk. Or... lunk. Or spove?

We also got to see Pre-Earth Animated Optimus Prime with his awesome axe which he can hold very naturally, Blackarachnia, and Soundwave.

Soundwave comes with a GUITAR.

A rockin' freakin' guitar.

A rockin' freakin' guitar that transforms into LASERBEAK.

Oh man! Oh man!

We were also shown another sizzle from the cartoon, a different, better animated clip than we saw at BotCon. There was the theme song, which was great, and seemed to incorporate some of the 1986 movie's theme, and there were clips of guys like Grimlock and Slag and Arcee and it was all pretty damn amazing to look at. I am so giddy. This will probably be the best Transformers series ever.

(Man, my photo of the slide of Grimlock and Slag's toys was so terribly blurry. I will have to go search out some other site's photo of them when I am less tired.)

(I sleep now.)

(Huge smile on face.)