July 24th, 2007


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I take off for the airport in about 5 hours, so I'm scrambling to get some last-minute packing done. It has been a crazy-ass day.

First of all, I've been having super troubles re-registering joyceandwalky.com. My bank was refusing my purchasing attempts and ultimately cut me off from my debit card. Great! Why? Because they insisted that Joker.com, who I register my domains through, is a gambling site, and apparently that's against their rules. AWESOME. That was REAL FUN to sort out.

At the same time, I realized that my comic for Wednesday just wasn't going to cut it. It involved Transformers movie spoilers, and the movie doesn't open in the UK until Friday! Well, shit. I moved that sucker back to next Wednesday, but that left me this giant open spot. Also, my fingers are pretty much worthless from overuse as I rush to draw enough to get things done. Thankfully, Maggie stepped in last-minute to pencil/ink a script that I wrote for her. So we're covered.

Well, back to my odds and ends. Man, I know I'm gonna forget something.

Booth 1330!

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Custom Hasbro-made Joes, part 4Shortpacked!@SDCC07: What you're missing.

They are not making this Sergeant Slaughter figure. Some Hasbro dude kitbashed up his own and put him up in a case just to torture the hell out of us. This man is PURE EVIL.

I need this toy to be real.

Hasbro is also not planning to make Raptor, Pythona, or Zarana. Yet, anyway. (Oh, who am I kidding? Zarana's the only one with a chance in Hell. Unless, of course, there is a benevolent god...)

In the We're Actually Making These department, there's Shipwreck with his Polly on a stick, Zartan with his Jesus mask, a bushy-eyebrowed Serpentor, and the ever-cleavaged Lady Jaye. She is boobtacular.