July 22nd, 2007


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Shortpacked!@TNI: Cobra makes my butt boil!
Shortpacked!: No Harry Potter spoilers contained herein.

Webcomicon 2007

For the first time ever, Webcomics have unified their presence at Comic Con International. "WebComiCon," the heart of the webcomics action in San Diego, will be found in the middle of Aisle 1300, where some of the top names in webcomics -- Abismo/Nerve Bomb, Blank Label Comics, Dayfree Press, Dumbrella, Keenspot, Penny Arcade, PvP, Rooster Teeth and Studio Foglio -- will be assembled. With a combined readership best counted in millions, this will be a gathering to remember.

Located in a prime location in Aisle 1300, WebComiCon is a short walk away from DC and Sideshow Collectibles -- and just around the corner from the Small Press Pavilion. Download our handy map (PDF) and print it out to guide you along your way.

This centralized location is tailor-made for fans of webcomics who want to see many of their favorite creators in one area. Expect to see all your favorite artists joining up for group sketches, sketch mashups, practical jokes, and a sense of excitement that only comes once a year at the biggest webcomics meetup in the world.

Other webcomics creators can be found in Artist Alley and Small Press, making WebComicCon the center of the ultimate webcomics gathering in the world. Watch Fleen.com for an updated map of all of the webcomics creators in attendance.

Shortpacked! creator David Willis can be found with his Blank Label Comics brethren at booth 1330! He will have plenty of "Your Mom" Mike shirts, a very limited supply of what remains of the "Reagan Lives" and "No, I'm Batman" shirts, limited prints, and original Shortpacked! art pages. Licks are one dollar. Quick pencil sketches are free!

Very unfortunately, the first Shortpacked! book will NOT be available. (They is stuck in customs in Los Angeles.) You can, however, still come preorder one.

Willis has gone on the record as saying, "That blows."