July 20th, 2007

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While I'm away at San Diego Comic-Con this following week, I thought I'd run an old story most of you have never read. It's originally from Keenspot's 2004 Free Comic Book Day book, and was written as an introduction to It's Walky!'s characters and plot. For those of you who got to have some place to put this, it takes place early in 2000, during It's Walky!'s first year. This story is in five segements, and will update tonight, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Enjoy!

First of all, yes, that stereo is the exact model used as a Frenzy prop in the Transformers film. It used to be carried by Wal-Mart's online store, but it's not carried there anymore, so its customer service folks claim. You may have to get yours by somewhat illicit means. Mine and Graham's came, for example, from this random online place that sent our Frenzies to us, opened, inside some cream cheese boxes.

Yeah, on hindsight, they were probably stolen. Yikes.

But let's forget, for a moment, that I may be an accomplice to theft. Owning Frenzy is awesome. Other than, say, some microcassettes, I've never owned the real version of a Transformer's altmode -- at least, of the ones that turn into specific ones. Usually, that involves owning a Porsche or, say, a Fire Chief Lamborghini.

Next to Movie Prop Frenzy is Fast Action Battler Frenzy. The Fast Action Battlers are a counterpart toyline to the movie stuff that's targeted towards slightly younger kids. Every toy has a secondary gimmick, and in Frenzy's case, it's a giant disc-shooter that's half his size. Wow.

As you can see, it does wonders for his toy's design.

His robot mode is crap. His altmode is neat, and his transformation is absolutely wonderful. It's really complex for a Fast Action Battler. Unfortunately, the robot mode is hindered not only by the giant disc shooter it must accommodate in the center of its torso, but also by Frenzy's movie robot design obviously not designed to transform into anything. The movie robot has absolutely no visible altmode kibble, and it's very likely that the specific altmode was decided upon long after the robot design was finalized. So, yeah, there's that. It's an amazing feat of engineering to get even this much out of the concept, but even then it's a far cry from a good toy.

I knew this before I bought him. I just wanted a transforming Frenzy at any cost. Frenzy's awesome.

I painted his eyes blue, by the way.