July 18th, 2007


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BotCon Alpha Trion, Vector Sigma, some unnamed-as-of-yet-Mini-Con, and three club combiner guys.

Yesterday, I spooged about Weirdwolf. Weirdwolf came in a two-pack set with Alpha Trion, the big red/purple/white dude pictured in the back. Alpha Trion is an old wise bot from the original cartoon who was basically Optimus Prime's dad. He was also pretty much Elita-One's dad, too. But, just like that Kenobi jackass, he didn't deign to tell either of them. Whoops.

You see, Prime and Elita were banging.

Unlike every other exclusive toy this year, Alpha Trion wasn't in this year's BotCon story. His bio card was even in a different style! So what the hell is his deal, and why are we getting him now? Who knows, man. The bio card connects him to the three Transformers Fan Club freebie combiner dudes, so that's why I have them in the shot. (He'll probably show up later in the Fan Club comic?) Also, at BotCon this year, there was a Vector Sigma accessory, also known as "The Big Yellow Disco Ball Which Gave All Transformers Life." You can see that in the back of the photo, next to Alpha Trion, its caretaker.

Alpha Trion is almost as pretty as Weirdwolf. He's about as pretty as you can get without using yellow or orange. In fact, all of the add-ons this year, the toys that weren't in the box set, were outstanding. If you're familiar with Vector Prime, the toy Alpha Trion was made from, you'll notice he's got a new head. It's a pretty great head, especially since tiny little engravings line the helmet so it looks like that actually head belongs on that body. His usually tall forehead crest is squished a lot, but that's so the noggin can fit where it goes in vehicle mode.

(Another note: This is the American version of the Vector Prime toy, so his translucent parts are very squishy. I have Japanese Vector Prime, and Takara didn't care if kids poked out their eyes with Vector Prime's sword, so all this squishiness was new to me.)

Alpha Trion comes with a Mini-Con. The Fan Club hasn't decided on a name yet for him yet, but judging by the short description of him on his bio, he sounds like an upgraded Over-Run to me. I would also be happy if he were some version of Xaaron.

Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf/Vector Sigma should still be available via the Transformers Fan Club website if you're a Club member.

Breakaway, the red translucent Club freebie in the front center, came in the mail yesterday. He's pretty enough, and the Club guys have finally learned not to use black paint on dark blue plastic so all his paint applications are at least visible, so I like him enough. But, oy, his bio card. This will require a little backstory. The oldest Transformers, the first thirteen of them, are roughly 25 million years old. But Breakaway, who may be a part of one of those first thirteen Transformers, has been stuck on Earth since it was covered in magma. Unfortunately, that's about 4 billion years ago. I brought this problem up, and from what was said, it sounded like this was an oops, like the writer expected Earth to still be forming 25 million years ago. (But don't worry! This one other Transformer can control time! That will explain everything!) C'mon, people, know the age of your damn universe. They covered this in middle school!

Oy. Embarrassing.