July 17th, 2007

Overwhelmed by purty

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Shortpacked!: Crossing the threshold between amusing and uncomfortable.

Classics Weirdwolf is probably my favorite BotCon exclusive in years.

I'm not really all that big of a fan of Weirdwolf-the-guy all that much. I mean, sure, he's quirky and he amuses me, but he's not usually on my list of Greatest Transformers Ever. So why the abounding love? His colors. Yellow and turquoise (with light gray or white) is one of those color combinations that just turn me on. Really. Ladies, try it. Wear those colors, and I will be on you in five seconds flat. It's how Maggie got me! (I think. Those first few moments were a blurr.) If I ran a porn magazine, it'd be titled Girls Wearing Yellow.

I've been meaning to pick up an original Weirdwolf just for his colors for a few years now, but Destructicon Bludgeon, who's in the exact same scheme, had been tiding me over. But, lo, this year, BotCon gave me this handjob of an exclusive. I love him so much. And in the comic, they didn't skimp on the crazy. He's talking backwards, he's rhyming, he's just kooky.

Weirdwolf is great.

And if you want one, you can still buy one! Fun Publications accidentally left a few Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf sets back in Texas, and they're selling through those on their site. So if you're a member, you can totally go buy one. (It requires you to also buy one of those Vector Sigma accessory sets, so it ends up being kind of an expensive purchase. But lord knows you can probably sell anything from that set you don't want for about how much you'd be paying for them altogether.)

(P.S. If anybody has some good spam block code for Walkypedia!, it would be welcome!